This is a game about routine, habits and rats. The witch sent her army of summoned mice to collect diamonds for her, but little are the critters aware of the repetitive task ahead of them. As the player performs the same ritual over and over again, some things may seem a little bit different and such ritual might not be as effective.
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One hand tied behind my back
LEGO got it right
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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We used Tiled for the level design and HaxeFlixel for all the gameplay features.
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Install and configure HaxeFlixel following these instructions: http://haxeflixel.com/documentation/getting-started/

To play, run "lime test neko" on the directory containing the project.


Juliana Eleutério - Art, Characters

Oelson T. de Campos S. - Game/Puzzle Design, Programming

Renan Greca - Game Design, Programming, Music


Level tileset based on RPG pack by www.kenney.nl

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