Ragdoll Yoga

A Game about stretching a ragdoll to its limits.
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Technology Notes: 
Implemented using Codea and done completely on an iPad.
Installation Instructions: 
  1. Install Codea from App Store to your iPad
  2. Unzip the packet (RagdollYoga.zip)
  3. Copy RagdollYoga.txt to your iPad (Airdrop, email, etc. should work)
  4. Open RagdollYoga.txt
  5. Select everything (cmd + a) and copy (cmd + c)
  6. Open Codea
  7. Long-press "Add new project", a popup with "Paste Into Project" should open
  8. Enter "Ragdoll Yoga" as the project name and click "Create >"
  9. Press green play button in the bottom right corner

XMunkki & Kakka

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