Stay on your raceline to improve your score and progress! Keyboard controls: left and right to steer, up to step on it, down to toggle sound. Touch controls are also provided—play on your phone now at flairgenes.github.io/raceline
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Gandhi's Game
Story Mode
What made that sound?
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Built with the Quintus Javascript game engine (html5quintus.com).
Installation Instructions: 

We have a live version up at flairgenes.github.io/raceline. Go play in your browser—there are keyboard and touch controls!

If you've downloaded the game from GGJ, you'll need to run a web server locally to play. We suggest Python3 (install it and run python -m http.server from your terminal in the Raceline folder) or Node.js and the http-server package (install Node, run npm install http-server -g from your terminal and then run http-server within the Raceline folder). Then navigate to localhost:xxxx, substituting the port specified by your web server for xxxx.


Created by Tom Butler, Mitchell Smith and James Goldie.

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