Put a smile on

Friday night. It's time to put the worries of life behind you and put a big smile on your face! The players put pictures of mouths up to THEIR mouths and dance to the beat. Dance the most, and your team wins! The game can be played by a crowd of any size, using a mobile device per player to access a page with a image of a mouth (tinyurl.com/smileGGJ), and a computer with a webcam to run the game. There are 3 teams, and you get assigned a team at random by accessing the website.
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Take control
Companion screen
Common ground
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Made by BestWorstFriendsForeverSimon Stålhandske (programming) & Anne B. J. Clausen (graphics).

Special thanks to Andreas Lagerstedt for making the awesome music!

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