Primal Fury

Primal Fury is a game about magic and puzzles. The player will be tasked with solving various puzzles using the different spells at their disposal. As they traverse through and complete levels they will acquire new spells to complete more complex puzzles. Primal Fury also hosts a character driven narrative that brings the whole world we have built together. We think you will enjoy the satisfying puzzles and entertaining narrative. The game should be played with a mouse and keyboard, WASD to move, Q and E to rotate puzzle pieces, Right click to ground slam on the center of a puzzle tile to lock its position, 1-4 are spell auras when acquired, left clicking on fire will shoot fireballs. Scroll wheel zooms the camera in and out.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
We used Unity3D, Photoshop, and assets purchased on the Unity store.

Programmer/UI: David Oeffner

Programmer/Designer: Cary Jasinski

Level Design: Christina D'Attomo

Writer/Designer: Alexander Morrison

Artist: Reid Ardanowski

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