This is a Game about imprisoned spirits & Chuchichäschtlis... somewhat... The player takes on the role of a spirit that roams an old mountainside cottage. By completing an ancient ritual the spirit residing within the cottage is set free and is allowed to pass over to the afterlife. Sounds fairly easy? True... it could be an easy task. There are a few objects on a table which can be used for the ritual (only visible during daytime on the big screen). You as ghost can possess them (chosen on your smartphone via swipe and tap) and move them around (tilt your device in the desired direction to move). And that's the tricky bit! You are only allowed to move your chosen object during nighttime. And that means you can't see anything but your immediate surroundings. Another obstacle could be that your spirit friends possess the same object as you do (yes! it is much more fun to play with your friends). This could lead to unforeseen results. And last but not least mind the "Alpöhi" that still lives in the cottage. He will rise from his sleep when an object drops on the floor to put it back where it belongs. And don't forget! Never move in broad daylight!
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A Local Game for Local People
Take control
Gandhi's Game
One hand tied behind my back
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Unity (any product)
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This is an AirConsole multi-player co-op game!
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Anja Fritsch

Christian Schmidhalter

Claudio Lyk

Ralf Mauerhofer

Severin Walker

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