Earth year 2086, unfortunally the water reserves were in extreme critical stage, but with great technologic improvements, was possible extract water from others planets. The planet were the extraction would start was called XXXX, and was the humanity last hope. Humans were so desperate that they ignored that could have conflict with the species resident off that planet, they were similar to terrestrial penguins. When they tried a direct contact with these residents, they did a serious mistake : They called they penguins, that's a unforgivable ofense on they language, so causing a war. These 'Spacial Penguins' had a high inteligence and technology, placing the humans in a sore spot. That's when humans cientists discovered ruins in the moon, were they found a forbidden ritual, that contracted with cosmic beings, exchanging life for power. Trying to make the most use of these contracts and of the human technology, was created the P.E.N.G.I.N project (Powerfull Engine Nominated Girl Interstellar Nanami-Chan) an android that could use the contract for the humanity sake in this war...
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MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Felipe Lovato, Lucas Bressan, Orlando Schimidt


Lucas Bressan, Felipe Lovato

Lucas Bressan



Megawolf77, TwelfthChromatic

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