Our Dark Lord (is Better than Yours)

Our Dark Lord (is Better than Yours) pits cults in a battle for supremacy over whose dark lord is the best among them all. In this capture-the-flag-slash-king-of-the-hill hybrid, gather and use various relics to summon the deity of your choice to annihilate your opponents! Fight in a free-for-all arena, or team up with a friend to take down the heathens (and then take him out afterwards like the heathen he is). Controls: Keyboard: WASD - Movement Left and Right Arrow - Look around E - Pick up/Drop item Ctrl - Throw item Enter - Ready up Controller: Left Stick - Move Right Stick - Look around Right bumper - Pick up/drop item Left bumper - Throw item Start - Ready up
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MS Windows
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Local multiplayer, split-screen, controller support.
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Anheurystics - The (Only) Programmer
ThePizzaPiper - Graphics design
Crumblethorn -  Graphics and sound design
DEGABGED - Graphics design
Kageto - Graphics design/cheese grater
Yes - Graphics design/Bomb defuser

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