Oku is a First-Person exploration game based on ancient rituals and visually inspired by both Greek and Mayan arquitecture. Its sole objective is to retrieve magical gemstones that allow the player to advance throughout the game in order to complete a simple intention: that is to unlock the sealed door which leads to the unknown.
Jam year: 
Gandhi's Game
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Maya and PlayMaker were used on the development of this game. It can only be played with an Xbox 360/Xbox One controller.
Installation Instructions: 

Open the .exe


César Efren Banda Loza, Ricardo Pacheco Romero, Pablo Peña Rodriguez, Andrés Peña Rodriguez, Aldo Alvarez Cabrera, Pablo Luis Jiménez Esquivel, Aldo Adrián Vázquez Mata, Diego Aaron MejíaRamírez


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