OCD Ritual

The game is about everyday’s rituals, but not just plain rituals - The ones that often accompany the people that suffer from Obsessive Complusive Disorder, or OCD. Those who do, have fears, some rational, some aren’t, that if unless they perform a certain action - those fears will come to pass. The fears are the obsessions, and the rituals one needs to avert them, are the complusions. Common complusions include turning the light on and off again certain amount of times, keeping your items in an alligned stack, washing your hands vigrously, scrubbing furniture meticoulsy - But are not limited to these. There could be an unlimited number of rituals to an unlimited number of fears. Some could be silly, such as illogically fearing that if you don’t perform a certain action, a spider will lay eggs in your refridgerator. Some could be frightening, such as fearing that unless you perform a certain action, your family would die in a car accident, or another disaster could befall a loved one. OCD is a common disorder with different levels of severity, but regular people find it hard to comprehend how it feels to cope with it. How would you feel - If you were alone in a house, feeling sudden urges to perform all kinds of rituals all of the sudden, with your sanity on the line?
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Developer using Javascript. Runs in browser.
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