In this multiplayer game you are in a religious group which tries to fulfill a secret ritual. The group has to search for some mystic artefacts which they need for their ritual in a dark forest at night. But one of you is the "seeker" who tries to keep the group off from that because the ritual would harm him. The group has to fulfill the ritual before the sun rises so that they can hide from the seeker. As brighter it will be, the easier the seeker can find you. So the goup will have not much time... If the seeker catches a group member, the concerned person will lost his or her collected artefacts. As "seeker" you have to keep of the group from collecting all artefacts until the time runs out. When all artefacts are collected, the artefacts have to be brought together to fulfill the ritual . Download game here: http://william-e.itch.io/occult Language: English Control: Mouse
Jam year: 
One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
+ Blender, GIMP

We used some 3D models from Blendswap.com:

lowpoy stones by Bananaboy CC-BY
weather machine by Baltazar-777 CC-BY
medieval blacksmith by yazjack CC-BY
wood box by Adriano CC_BY
low poly foliage by EugeneKiver CC0

And models from opengameart:

Vintage Electric Motor by ulf CC-BY
simple 3d crystals by rubberduck CC0