In the wonder world of ancient Burgasia there are traditional habits and rituals towards the little and the big gods. Every Deity requires its worship through the special rituals in exchange of which it provides divine pittance to the people. Some of the lesser gods give only paltry material goods, but not the high saints - they give absolution, solace and blessing. Among the highest of the high undoubtedly is Sveti Nikolay. Every fisherman clan lives for worshiping through rituals Sveti Nikolay and that is why they celebrate Nikulden every month. Worshiping of the ritual of Nikulden has become a matter of honour and testimonial for belonging to the high fisherman society fortunately for Sveti Nikolay who sees the deal of fresh fish for fresh promises rather nourishing. And so conducting of the ritual has grown into fierce competition and cross-clan merchant wars. You are not particularly wealthy fishermen clan with rich history, but for decades you have not pleased Sveti Nikolay. Let us hope you would succeed now! Nikulden is a turn-based multi-party business simulation game, meant to be played for educational purposes in Business schools and universities. The students play in teams of fisherman clans and compete among each other on two markets - resource market and retail market. The teams compete to please Sveti Nikolay by catching fish and diving it away in a worshiping ritual. The teams also compete for catching more fish by pleasing another diety - Osiris. There are also various "market conditions" in the different periods of the game, according to the playing scenario. The most important feature of the feature of the game is that the competitiors' success or failure depends on the business decisions of the other teams. The game is managed by a game manager (i.e. the instructor) who decides the key parameters of the scenario of the game, and so implementing various business lessons in the simulation. Also this makes the game useful for many runs by any student.
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A Local Game for Local People
Gandhi's Game
Common ground
MS Windows, Microsoft Windows Phone
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Unity (any product)
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Unity 5, C#, Matlab in prototyping
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Start the game.

The game administrator makes a network game.

Every team joins up the network game.


Game mechanics

Angel Marchev, Jr.



Georgi Petrov



Vladislav Vassiliev



Bogomil Filipov



Mihaela Komitova


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