My little summon.

The theam of the game is the history of a Young girl bitten by his religious father while she was growing she was trying to find a way out and she discovers a “Ritual Book” to summon an entitiy “Abraxas" who will be her guardian. The game starts with a scene of a head from a beheaded demon falling and avoiding obstacules and getting togheter all the pieces of his body. The game ends when he gets his six parts. You will take control of “Abraxas” and you mission will be to complete your body to cross the portal and reach Nashla to save her from his father. In the dark room. In that corner is Nashla dimly lit by a candle. Between her hands holding the book of Abraxas. With much effort she could decipher some parts of the book in Hebrew. ... .Flashback: Since childhood Nashla tried to talk to his father about his disgust with the religious life, but he only answered him with blows. For him there was no other good life other than what it takes close to Jesus and heavy-handed. Nashla found punishments and reproaches at school, always sent to the library late after school. Where to find a solution to her situation she went down to the basement floor of the library, there she found banned pagan books. One in particular seemed to call her. She took it and went to his home in the evening at the end of the punishment. "In this ritual you will fraction your soul and concede your vengeance to give life to Abraxas, who will not be completed, it must need to unite his fragmented body to reach to the portal that will cross to the real world alive. He will be your guardian for the link between your soul and his life. "
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Drawings made in photoshop with a wacom tablet exported to unity.

Producer: Miguel Alejandro Abreu

Interface Design: Diego Bernal

Modeling and texturing: Eduardo Bravo

2D Artists: Lety Moreno, Pablo Carballo

Sound engineer: Carlos Lavin 

Porgammer: Ilan, Diego Salaz

Storytelling: Sebastian Quiroz

Game Stills: