Midsummer Murders

Saunatonttu, the finnish mythological elf of the sauna, has watched over the Finnish people in their traditions for hundreds of years. The modern people don't respect the sauna and the saunatonttu anymore. Now he has had enough and is going to give them a Midsummer to remember him by.
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A Local Game for Local People
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Drawing tablets, Photoshop (Multiple versions)
Installation Instructions: 

Sideways - A & D / Left & Right arrows
Jump - W/Up arrow/Space
Interact/Pick up - E

Exit Alt+F4

Your goal is to kill the people inside the sauna by using objects in the level.


Juho Salminen - Design, Coffee Drinker

Antti Ruuskanen - 2D Art, Level Design, Corgi Enthusiast

Johanna Ruuska - 2D Art, Servant of Cats

Teija Pelkonen - 2D Art, Character Design, Creepy Art

Pauli Ravi - Coding, Voice Actor