In a distant, post apocaliptic future where technology is seen as magic, two Mechamancers battle for the last supplies left in their world. Get all of the ingredients necesary to perform a techno-ritual, and use your fireball or turretbots to stop your enemy! Take them to your altar and win, but don't get greedy, carrying too many items makes you move slowly!
Jam year: 
What made that sound?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Installation Instructions: 

Execute Ritual_GGJ2016 located in the "Windows No Editor" folder.


Lead programmer: Lucas Szolno
Logic developer: Javier Miles

Level design and Logic: Rodrigo Sclavi
Artwork and Backgrounds: Manuel González
Artwork and UI Design: Daniel Moralez
Music and Audio: Marcelo "Funky" Guaraglia

3D Modelling: Ainara Obiaga

Game Stills: