McBeth - The Curse of "That Scottish Play"

Prologe: McBeth is a fast food delivery guy that is taking drama lessons. One day, when delivering food to a Theater where a company is performming Shakespeare's MacBeth our hero is cursed by the "Scottish Play" curse. Asked to perform a ritual to get rid of the curse, McBeth ends transported to the story and all his fast food is gone! McBeth has to run trough 4 Acts of Shakespear's Macbeth collecting his hamburgers and avoiding to touch everything else to end the curse and save the play from disaster.
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The Bard's Tale
No retreat, no surrender!
One hand tied behind my back
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McBeth - The Curse of "That Scottish Play"

Development: Gustavo Lyrio and Marcello Viana

Art: Gustavo Lyrio


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