(English) Sumary After the death of the Matriarch, there is no room for grief. The witches of Abracadabra City must, in 3 nights, search for girls for the great initiation ritual. The best eteran witch who brings more girls converting them for the guild will be the new Matriarcana. Objective The main goal of the game is to recruit the most girls to be the new Matriarcana. (Brazilian Portuguese) Resumo Após a morte da Matriarca não existe tempo para luto. As feiticeiras residentes da cidade Abracadabra devem, em três noites, partir em busca de iniciantes para o grande ritual de passagem das novatas. A bruxa experiente que fizer um melhor trabalho convertendo novas meninas para seita conseguirá ser a nova matriarca. Objetivo O objetivo do jogo é fazer o melhor trabalho recrutando novas bruxas para ser mais nova bruxa matriarca.
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Gandhi's Game
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
Installation Instructions: 

1 - Download the file .zip

2 - Unzip the files

3 - Read the print info and print the pages

4 - Cut the cards( i hate this part)

5 - Put the back cards togheter with the other cards in front

6 - Read the rules and Play :D

7 - Give us your opinion!

*disclaimer: We did not have the time to make a lot of tests. So the game may show some disbalanced stuff and problems, if you find them, please talk to us.


Bárbara Rodrigues & Raphael Carmo - Game Design

Raphael Carmo - Art

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