Magey Mayhem

Two wizards, Magey and Mayhem, trying to get to their goal. On the way that can cast ritual spells to help themselves and hinder their opponent. This project runs on Processing, and has two clients connecting to a RasPi server using the PixelPusher protocol to display the main game screen on an RGB LED matrix wall. DISCLAIMER: You will not be able to run this game, I am just including the Processing source code for those curious. Many more components are needed to run the game including the LED wall (which I build from 32x64 matrix panels) and a Raspberry Pi for the server.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Technology Notes: 
RGB LED Matrix wall (Resolution 192x96, over 18,000 LED's) Raspberry Pi server running Ubuntu PixelPusher Protocol for RasPi ( Processing for the Windows client machine

Cal Braun (Brian) - Programmer, Server design, LED Wall construction
Rick Pollack - Programmer, Art
Shawn T Gray - Lead Artist, Asset Creator