Mad Monk

Legend says there was once a noob monk thought he was casting a really awesome and high-level spell, but the spell has backfired! He has unwittingly opened a portal to a world full of monsters! Now he stays in his lonely tower day and night trying to defeat all the monsters coming out. To send the monsters back to their world, the noob (now mad) monk has to do a never ending sealing ritual. The monk sees signs that tell him what moves to do (swipe, tap, long press). Friends can also help the monk with the ritual by doing the signs on their devices.
Jam year: 
One hand tied behind my back
Companion screen
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Marnielle Lloyd Estrada's Unity framework Prime31's TouchKit
Installation Instructions: 

Install instructions for Windows:
- Unzip MadMonk-win and run MadMonk.exe to play as the monk (standalone / server)
- Unzip MadMonk-win-CLIENT and run MadMonk-CLIENT.exe to play as a the monk's friend (client).

Install instructions for Android:
- Install and run MadMonk.apk to play as the monk (standalone / server)
- Install and run MadMonk_CLIENT.apk to play as a the monk's friend (client). 

Some notes for playing as the monk (standalone / server):
- You can play without friends and do the gestures on your own device.
- You can pause the game (button on the upper right) to wait for your friends to join.

Common instructions for playing as the monk's friend (client):
 - Friends should be in the same LAN as the server.
 - Input the IP address displayed at the bottom of the server's screen and then click Connect.
 - The client must click Disconnect and click Connect again after every start of the game on the server.



Aimy Calilung

Jaime Quiano Jr.



Carlos Mapua

Aries Sulit

Jica Monsanto


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