The Last Symbol

Join Achôris, a young Egyptian priest, in his mighty quest to collect the Last Symbol, which will lead to the achievement of a Ritual to stop the drought that is slowly killing the kingdom. To achieve that, Achôris must search into the dark limbs of the Pyramid of Deptahânkh, a former Pharaoh known for his mastery of ancestral rituals. But the Pyramid is filled with traps, in order to avoid the disclosure of the secrets it contains. Achôris doesn't start his journey empty-handed, the priests of his order have entrusted him the Symbol of Isis, which will allow him to achieve the powerful Ritual of Fertility. During his quest in the depths, he’ll have to gather the Symbol of Râ and the Symbol of Anubis, they will allow him to reach the last room, where the Last Symbol is hidden… Tutorial: You can interact with white blocks. The first power you unlock is Fertility (Blue) it allows to create a new block along the face you shoot at. The second power is Light (yellow), use it to move the white block in the direction of the face you shoot at. The third power is Destruction (red), it can destroy a white block.
Jam year: 
Gandhi's Game
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Used Dark Blender for 3D asset creation, every model were sculpted in high poly then the Game Asset Generator script were used to generate the low poly and textures. You can get Dark Blender here:

Moge Ludovic - Game Designer / Level Designer

Bekhoucha Danyl - Linko - 3D Artist - Email: [email protected] - Skype: danyl.bekhoucha

Tubiana Hugo - Sound Design / 2D Artist

Bouquin Bastien - Programmer

Mock Virginie - Programmer

Game Stills: 
Source files: