Kitty Seenkula

Kitty Seenkula is an horizontal side scrolling game that deals with Wizards, Cats and Castles. As the cat Kitty Seenkula you'll help your owner Mago Merletto, an old muddler wizard, to perform a ritual... a corrupted one (‘cause of the kitty). You'll have to Tap on good stuff (potions and hints), Swipe on bad stuff (spiders, bats and stacks of books), Multi-tap or Jump obstacles, and remember the info you got by all of the three hints to finalize the ritual! To get an hint just collect 15 potions of a single color. Once done, a hint scroll will be available on screen. When 20 potions per type are collected, you will be redirected to the Ritual Room where you will solve 3 puzzles based on the hints: Combination of Potions Combination of Swipes Combination of Taps to play (Rhythm) Depending on what you've kept in mind you'll see 2 different endings, knowing more about the reason of this crazy ritual or be punished for your evil cattish attitude! This game was designed for Tablet but, at this time, it is temporarily available only for PC. - INSTRUCTIONS Swipe through monsters to kill them; Tap on potions and scrolls to collect them - DON'T swipe them or they'll break! Space to jump.
Jam year: 
No retreat, no surrender!
To infinity and beyond!
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


Sergio: Coding
Gaetano, Gianluca: Game Designers
Dario: 3D Graphics
Valeria: 2D Graphics
Francesco, Vincenzo: Sound

Special thanks to:

Isidoro Acquaviva
Pizzeria Margherita's

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