Khaen-Ur Rises

Egypt, 2565 B.C. In an desperate attempt to free both himself and his family from the chains of slavery, Khaen-Ur begins a quest to retrieve "The Gauntlet of Iah", a unique artifact that enables its wielder to temporarily summon the powerful God of Time, Iah. However, Khaen-Ur must undergo through "The Ritual of Endless Time", a survival test through the deadly traps of the Temple of Iah, which only the worthy ones are capable to surpass. Using his newfound power, Khaen-Ur must prevail where all others before him have failed, and liberate his family and himself.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip "Khaen-Ur Rises Build.7z". Inside the "Builds" folder, run the "Khaen-Ur Rises.exe" file.



Georgios Charonitakis - Unity Development / Programming / Level Design
Ioannis Vlachopoulos - Unity Development / Programming / GUI Design
Aristeidis Chrisikopoulos - 3D Modeling
Konstantinos Sisikis - 3D Modeling / Music

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