Play as God to the small town of Washi. Your goal: to whip these little humans into shape and dominate the lands around you. You'll manage resources, emotional conflicts and ramen shops as you start your conquests West. Controls: Move the camera with the following keys: W (up), A (left), S (down), D (right). Left click on characters and objects to interact. Getting Started: Humans will starts to trickle into your town and you'll need to manage where they sleep, work and entertain themselves. Step 1: Click on a human to choose their daily ritual. Step 2: Clicking a building will add it to your human’s schedule. Keep in mind that a human can't go to the same type of building in a row and is only able to visit 4 places each day. Step 3: Your characters will be grumpy if they don’t eat with others. Make sure you have two or more humans at meal time. Step 4: Getting a restful sleep is important to your humans. Make sure you only have one human at home at a time or they’ll be grumpy the next day. Step 5: Now that your humans have rested and socialized, they’ll be productive at work. The happier they are when they come to work the more stars they will earn. You can find your stars outside of the factory. Step 6: Exchange the stars for new slots above your buildings. With more humans coming into your city every day, you’ll need more slots for them. A sign post will appear in front of your buildings when enough stars have been collected. Click on the sign to buy a new slot to expand your settlement.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)
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Adobe Creative Cloud: Illustrator and Photoshop
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zipped files contain source code


Richard Czechowski: Unity developer, level creation, character and environment animation

Charlie Czechowski: Character and environment creation, guide book illustrations, level creation and development, content creation 

Wil Gieseler: Unity developer, level creation, character and environment animation

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