Jelangkung is a traditional game which is used to call the supernatural entity as its ritual, it's made of coconut shell, log, and some clothes to imitate the form of human. Help Jelangkung to gain the power from absorbing the souls that fly arround. Be careful...!!! Some of them are evil souls. Left Click to absorb. Right Click to dispel. Have Fun!
Jam year: 
A Local Game for Local People
No retreat, no surrender!
One hand tied behind my back
To infinity and beyond!
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Thanks to Game Maker Studio Pro 8.1
Installation Instructions: 

Click the executable file, play and have fun!!!


Romadhon Akbar (Programmer)

Mastuti Puspitasari (Character Artist))

Utong Akbar (Environment Artist)

Elia Pramana Putra (UI Artist and sound)

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