IRL (In Real Life)

In Real Life (IRL) is about a young girl whose story is sadly familiar to many who have no voice. Their story needs to be told, they need voices to speak on their behalf and we hope this experience will raise awareness of the plight of children around the world. Not only that, we want to show people that it is not hatred that is needed, it is understanding, education, research and help that is required. This ritual of silent pain, this ritual of avoidable suffering, it needs to be stopped. Through the imagination of a little girl, reality is starkly brought to life using her memories and view of the world around her. Her thoughts are the window to her silenced voice. Game is to be played full screen - exit through task manager.
Jam year: 
No retreat, no surrender!
Gandhi's Game
One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Plug in used - Fungus for Unity ( Unzip/unrar the executable file after downloading, play on full screen mode.

Creator and Art Lead: Tamara Hyland

Project Manager and Narrative Lead: John Fitzgerald

Lead Programmer: Dean Donnelly

Animation Lead: Raphael Taboada

Audio Lead: Dan Holman

Art: Brandon Sweeney, Dan Holman and Raphael Taboada

Level Design: John Fitzgerald, Dean Donnelly

Programming: Jonathan Burke, Raphael Taboada

Game Stills: 
Source files: