Interstellar Soirée

Humanity has achieved interstellar space flight and expanded into a universe alive with diverse and colourful alien life, all intermingling in galactic politics. You are humanity's newest Galactic Ambassador and the Universal Parliament is throwing a party in your honour! Attend the political cocktail party of the light-year and meet your new associates as representatives from countless planets welcome you into the fold. There's just one small problem: you didn't do you homework. You can't speak alien! What are you going to do! Well don't worry, dear Ambassador, because the Polite Astronauts are here to help! With our best-selling book "The Handshaker's Guide to the Galaxy" you can mingle with the crowd and politely bluff your way through the evening. Our easy-to-read guide will give you information on the correct ritual greetings for the various alien races and political parties you are bound to run into in this momentous soirée. Get it right and you won't blow up the Earth! (Please don't mess it up) Play with an Xbox 360 controller!
Jam year: 
No retreat, no surrender!
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Graphical Assets made using: Adobe Photoshop, Sai Paint Tool, Adobe Illustrator. Audio Assets made using: Pro Tools, and Reason
Installation Instructions: 

Windows: Unzip and run the executable.


Programming: Dziek Dyes-Bolt and Rachel Crawford

Art: Callum Fowlie and Tone Persson

Audio: Chris D'Arcy

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