SUMMARY: A game about the importance of developing positive habits and the danger of negativity becoming a ritual itself. GAMEPLAY: There is no one way to win the game. The player learns through experience how to balance their current energy with their ideal outcomes. Over time, as you build positive habits it becomes easier to navigate decisions that would have once been too difficult to make. If your energy gets too low, your options become more limited and it becomes more and more difficult to break the cycle. INTENT: (I)habit encourages its players to not only consider the effects of their decisions, but also of their indecisions. The ultimate goal is to demonstrate the everyday challenge of basic decisions when faced with anxiety, and to learn not only how to cope -- but to thrive.
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MS Windows, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
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Unity (any product)

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Mattias & Letitia



Zach & Tubert


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