Human Matter

"... Good evening ladies and gentleman, Bruce Newsman reporting here from the presidential bunker in Alaska. We are in the 3d day of the attack. As you already know, brutal aliens are invading our planet in heavy combat armours using advanced warfare technology. But not only they take down our best soldiers on the field, some videos from embedded journalists indicate that they seem to be looking for freshly dead bodies, God knows why. Please take under consideration that while they seem virtually invincible in their armours, on the other hand if they get out they become extremely vulnerable. Some testimonies from various sources tend to confirm that they even cannot breathe too long our air. Take also note that the only moment when the aliens ever exit their armours is when they go scavenge for human bodies. Nobody yet knows why they need fresh corpses, but speculating on the matter is simply terrifying. We'll keep you informed as long as we can broadcast. This is Bruce Newsman. God bless America, God bless our planet. ..."
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No retreat, no surrender!
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LEGO got it right
Mac OS X
Technology Notes: 
Löve 2D
Installation Instructions: 

You must have ve2D installed on your computer.

Unzip the source.

Dragging and dropping the source folder on the Love application icon should work on most computers.

Tested against Löve2D v0.9.2 on MacOSX (other OSes and versions of Love not guaranteed)


Florian Brönnimann, pixel art and level design,

David Roulin, code, @roulinade

Sarah Pochon, some pixel character design

Julien Matthey, sound effects

Special thanks to David Javet for finding a cool name for our game with a nasty double meaning.

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