Hit U All

A two players game that each player must complete their rituals to win. But most importantly they must stop other players from completing theirs. *Keyboard* Player 1: - Space : For menu - WASD : For moviment - C : To punch and pick up items - V : To drop items Player 2: - Enter : For menu - Arrows : For moviment - L : To punch and pick up items - K : To drop items *GamePad* Both players: Start : For menu D-pad : for moviment A : To punch and pick up items B : To drop items Objectives: - Get the items that are summoned in the middle of the arena and drop it in your ritual altar. - Who completes his/hers ritual first wins. Have fun hitting your friends!
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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We used Construct 2 as our game engine. From it we exported a windows version, a linux version and a mac version using NodeJS. Also we hosted a HTML5 Web version to be played online.

Game Design and Game Development: João Paulo Tannus de Souza

Game Design, Illustration and Sound: Victor Nunes Queiroz

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