Hide & Spook (Steam VR)

A 3 player game for Steam VR (HTC Vive Dev Kit) - - - Player Goals: The GHOSTS sneak around the room trying to light five candles, thus performing the ritual that will let them break through into the corporeal world of the Alchemist’s laboratory! - - - The ALCHEMIST tries to catch the invisible ghosts by looking at them for long enough to make them visible, and then banish them, by staring at them. - - - Instructions: The ALCHEMIST wears the HTC Vive headset, and stands in the middle of the room. - - - The two GHOSTS each take one Steam VR controller each, and sneak about looking for the candle hotspots, without being detected and vanquished by the Alchemist. - - - The ghosts are in another realm, and cannot actually see the candles, and therefore use the Steam VR controller’s vibration to lead them to each candle. As they bumble around, they accidentally knock over all the Alchemist’s books and vials, alerting them to their presence! Once they are in the hotspot of vibration, they press the controller button to activate the candle. - - - Winning: Once five candles are activates, the ghosts win! If both ghosts are detected, the alchemist wins! ** Check out the website for future news and updates **
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
The game is played with a single set of the HTC Vive dev kit (Steam VR). You need 1x headset and 2x Steam VR controllers. Our room was set up to be 6m x 4m. It can probably be played in a bit smaller space, but we have only tested it at that size. :)

Game Design & Development: Andrew Giannopoulos, James Whyte, Tyler Perry, Murray Lorden.

Music by Aaron C Edwards.

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