Two warlocks of the darkest order fight to the DEATH in order DESTROY eachothers towers with their UNSPEAKABLE HELL RITUALS of DEATH. - Two players face off round by round with the goal of destroying their opponents tower by choosing one of 3 options, ATTACK, DEFEND, or RITUAL. ATTACK damages the enemy’s tower. DEFEND reflects an enemy’s attack back at their tower. RITUAL lights a torch in the players summon circle. When 3 torches are lit the player summons a demon to obliterate the enemy’s tower, instantly winning the game. However, if the player is attacked on the same turn that they choose ritual, their progress is lost, all torches are extinguished and their ritual count drops back to zero. Player 1 Controls Keyboard A, Gamepad B - Attack Keyboard S, Gamepad X - Defend Keyboard D, Gamepad A - Ritual Player 2 Controls Keyboard J, Gamepad B - Attack Keyboard K, Gamepad X - Defend Keyboard L, Gamepad A - Ritual
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One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Download the Build.zip file, extract into a folder.

Run Hexenmeister.exe. 

*Optional, plugin game pads.


Ben Rejmer - Design, Audio, Effects

Matt Pettifer - Design, Coding

James Camilleri - Design, Character Art

Dan Camilleri - Design, Level Art, UI

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