Hervanent Marker

Fast-paced competitive couch multiplayer platformer game revolving around morning chores (or 'rituals', if you will).
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A Local Game for Local People
MS Windows
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Installation Instructions: 
  1. Download and install Construct 2 (Release 221) from https://www.scirra.com/
  2. Download and run this Construct 2 project
  3. Control the players with
    1. Xbox 360 Controllers (Wired USB Controller or Wireless USB Receiver)
    2. Keyboard (Player 1 WADZ, Player 2 ←↑→P, Player 3 IJLN, Player 4 FTHV)

Code: Ville Susi, Juho Hartikainen, Pauli Marttinen
Graphics: Juho Korhonen, Pauli Marttinen, Juho Hartikainen
Music & Sound Effects: Pauli Marttinen