Hell Ritual: A Bullet Hell

An incomplete bullet hell (player can't die, no instructions page, not as many phases as I wanted) made for GGJ2016. Fight the Goddess of Hell, Hecatia Lapislazuli, dodging hundreds and hundreds of bullets at a time. Hell Ritual is based off the characters from the Touhou Project series of games. Controls (since they're not displayed in the game) Arrow Keys: Move Z (hold): Fire X (press): Use a Bomb (should be limited, but is currently unlimited) Shift (hold): Enter Focus Mode - slows your movement, displays your hitbox, narrows your shot width R (For Dev Purposes): Restart Game
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)

Touhou (characters, music) is property of ZUN and Team Shanghai Alice

NASA for the high-quality models (turned  into gifs) of the Earth and Moon

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