Health, Prosperity and Good Luck

Based on the baby throwing ritual from India, this game lets you act as the savior of infants thrown down from on top of a temple. During this ritualistic mission, you might encounter gods and other beings that might not be as kind as you would think. Instructions: -Babies are thrown from on top of the temple and your goal is to catch them with your bag -After catching the babies, they need to be put into a basket (however, you can have 3 babies in your bag at one time) -Try to avoid or push any other objects the goddess Kali might throw at you
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MS Windows, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

The source file: Just unzip the file and open it in Unity.

The executable: Unzip it and simply run it (works best in higher resolutions!).


Kimmo Mantere (programming)

Ville Kentala (3D models, sounds, programming)

Matti Mänty (2D graphics, programming, graphical design)

Jenni Lehmonen (2D graphics, graphical design)

Osku Backman (game design, graphical design)