The Haunt

Little V and his friends went to camp. Later that night, his friends went looking for food. The hours went on and no one came back. He decided to look for his friends deep in the forest and he saw a big, spooky Mansion. He never expected the terrors living inside. Play with 4 people in a Tag-Like game mode, where as the Wolves, you have to catch the player using Little V to perform a ritual and take his body. As Little V, your objective is to remain human the longer you can. Be careful! The screen will get noisy when the wolves are close. The longer you stay human, the more points you will score! When the sun rises, the player with more points win.
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Jam year: 
Capture and play - bluetooth
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Uses 4 controller (designed with playstation4 controllers in mind)

José Contreras
José Villegas

2D Artists:
Angelice Mora
Oriam Gomez

3D Artist:
Vincent Rosciano

Tomas Fernandez

Game Stills: