Hail Piñata!

Go stick to stick in a fast-paced local brawler with a friend and that guy who smells like soup! Swing your stick at foe and friend alike! Run around gathering Stick Enhancements to increase your sticks' combat capabilities! (Longer Stick? Thicker Stick? Bee on a Stick? You name it!) Will you be the 'Cool Guy' to deal the killing blow to Piñata, the Kandy King? Or you be one of the 'Lame-Os' who totally doesn't. Note for Players: - Controller Use Required - Left Joy'stick' for movement. - Right Joy'stick' for stick swingin' action! - Player 4 must use their imagination! -
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Story Mode
Common ground
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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A couple sticks, some luck, and no Air Conditioner.

- Artist: Julian "Corupted" Wilton
- Designer: Bretton "Danger" Hamilton
- Programmer: Fued "The Vulture" Oner (Richard "The Vulture" Hill)
- Soundmaker: Zacc "Bubbley Bouncer" Taylor

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