Golden Rush

You have a daily morning ritual that you can't miss, taking a good nice dump. Try to fulfill your sacred 'rite' in dozens of crazy and challenging levels where you raise against time to reach you goal. High replayability where you can improve you score by mastering the skill needed for this game.
Jam year: 
Story Mode
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
  • Ahmad Fauzan (Programmer, Level Designer)
  • Charles Ivan (Programmer, Level Designer)
  • Ernes Budiman (Programmer, Level Designer)
  • Fathurahman (Programmer, Level Designer)
  • Lazcht (UI Designer, Level Designer)
  • Nugroho (Level Designer)
  • William (3D Modeller)


  1. Unreal Engine 4.10
  2. Unreal Engine Starter Pack and some free assets in UE4 Asset Store.
  3. BXFR, Sound Effects for Games.
  4. FreeSFX
  5. Free Models in TurboSquid
Game Stills: 
Source files: