God Battle

*Incomplete* 2 player game, uses mobile and pc. Player 1 plays a human on a ritual to become a god. Player 2 plays a god who must challenge the player and prove their right to assention. the god can tap the mobile screen to hurl fireballs at the player, which he must dodge while finding and guideing followers to the circle of protection. the player moves with the arrow keys and looks with mouse. press 'E' when over a follower to begin guideing the follower to safety. idealy i would like to give the god more selectable powers to use, cretures to spawn and so on. and embue powers on the player according to how well he is doing in the ritual.
Jam year: 
Companion screen
MS Windows, Android device
Technology Notes: 
Clickteam Fusion with android exporter
Installation Instructions: 

Zip file includes




install the apk on a compatible android device

run the lacewing exe, this is the relay server for the game. press start hosting (you may change the PORT as required)

run the exe and apk files on the respective devices

input the IP of the lacewing server along with the port

then THE EXE MUST HOST, have the mobile user connect to the hosts channel by entering the channel number of the host in to the channel edit box and pressing join.


Jason Barker