Go to Bed!

OBJECT The object of Go to Bed!, as in life, is to get the most sleep possible. You rack up sleep hours by following your evening routines to a T. SETUP There are four types of cards: Activity Cards, Sleep Aids, Personas, and Bummers. Activity Cards indicate the range of possible activities you might undertake before hitting the hay. Sleep Aids help you avoid distractions to get maximum shut-eye. Personas define your unique needs -- what four things you need to do to get your full eight hours. Bummers are no one's fault and everyone's problem: these may limit the effectiveness of your nightly routine. To start a round, shuffle together the Activity Cards and Sleep Aids, and deal five cards to each player from the combined deck. Place remaining cards from the combined deck into the center table, and spread them out face down. Deal one Persona Card to each player. Players score sleep hours by collecting all four cards their Persona demands. PLAY Play happens in three stages, with all players playing simultaneously -- not in turns. Chaos prevails when your beauty rest is on the line. Stage 1: Players discard unwanted cards from their hand into the pile in the middle of the table and take cards they might fine more useful. Players must always have five cards in their hand. Stage 1 has a time limit of one minute. At the end of Stage 1, remaining cards in the middle are turned face up and are removed from play. Stage 2: Players negotiate with each other by offering to trade cards but may only ask on the basis of the suit (e.g. Hygiene, Food, Relaxation), not by requesting specific Activity Cards. Stage 2 also has a time limit of one minute. Stage 3: One Bummer card is drawn from the Bummer Card deck and is read aloud to all players. SCORING Each Activity Card that matches one of the four required on the player's Persona card counts for two hours of sleep. Activities that match the correct suit but not the specific activity count for one hour of sleep. Hours of sleep lost by virtue of Bummers are subtracted per the directions on the Bummer card. The total number of sleep hours are tallied up and recorded. The most sleep wins the round. Reshuffle and deal new Activity and Persona cards to begin a new round.
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