Glasses High

Rituals are about the creation of meaning through repetition. This is true for drinking in company as well. Nothing is more awkward than to miss the glass of your drinking partner when you raise your glasses. Worse yet, what if you swing too hard and break the glasses? Or even miss the glass altogether. We tried to find a way to translate this ritual into a small, yet focused gaming experience. In Glasses High you have to match the height of your partners glass, before timing your strength right. Overshoot and you'll break the glasses, put too little power behind your swing and you'll miss it altogether. Hitting the sweet spot is key, and with increasing inebriation, the timing gets proceedingly harder.
Jam year: 
A Local Game for Local People
One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
c#, CS5, CINTIQ13HD,
  • Art: Armin Solderer
  • Programming: Robert Richter

  • Audio: Matthias Lux

cmusounddesign__jf-glass-breaking (CC) BY,

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