The Garden Within

Team Dalai Lawnmower takes you to their happy place. Sweep your spirit blade over your verdent lawn to cut, grow, and shift the grain. Breath along with meditative audio as you align your inner garden.
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Gandhi's Game
Android device, iPad
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
FMOD used for audio. FMOD is sweet. The blades actually paint on a texture that manipulates the grass shader in-game. The colors are determined by the depth of the blade that is cutting the grass and the direction the blade is coming from.

Michael Andryauskas - UI, game design

Colin Brown - art, game design

Jonnie Dredge - audio, game design

Rory Fitzgerald - art, game design

Graham Pentheny - programming, game design

Ziba Scott - programming, game design 

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