The Ganfaul

"When the time of the Cabal comes, when the moon is no more and the nights are dark, that's when the demons come, that's when the blood is spilled. On one such night he was almost killed, bitten by the demons. The healers thought he was gone for. But... he survived, his blood fused with the one of the demons. Years later came the time for him to face his brethren once again, to become the legend we now know as The Ganfaul" - Aldor Emound, Spellsword of the order of Angoria Instructions: Survive the night! Alt+F4 to enter full screen W,A,S,D - move LMB - Fire RMB - Aim
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine, Virtual reality head mount display (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.)
Technology Notes: 
Complete GameDev pipeline (thanks Digital Tutors, keep up the good work, you have taught us a lot). Tools used: - Autodesk Maya 2016 : Modeling, rigging, animation and retargeting, heck everything, you are the heavy lifter!!! - Mari by the Foundry : texturing, and those damn emissive maps, oh don't let me get started on those... - Speed Tree : for all those trees that we were not able to burn to the ground :D - Photoshop : You were like a small brother to Mari for those easy and quick fixes in textures - Unreal Engine 4 : THANK YOU FOR EXISTING, we have a couple of suggestions to make even more awesome!!! - A couple of other small tools that we can't remember right now because we are dead tired... SIDENOTE: UE4 has a built in library for working with the Oculus Rift and other VR heasets so it can be activated at any time with a simple console command line. email me at [email protected] for more instructions
Installation Instructions: 

No source file is provided because of the sheer size of the project (4GB on the drive, I mean come on :D We did not have any time to optimize the assets so there are a lot of 4K and 8K textures that were not used, assets that we planed on integrating but did not have the time nor the strenght to implement). For that reason there is also no packadged project uploaded on this site as well (that is a bit smaller around 2GB :D)

Download for playable can be found at:

As for the source contact us on the email above, we will be happy to answer all your questions ;)


- Martin "The NoSleeper" Solev - programing, game mechanics, engine content integration, heck everything that has to do with programing

- Dragan "The AI hater" Dimkovik - as the title says, AI programing, more programing, even more programing, same as the above

- Bozidar "The Fireball" Zivkovik - particle specialist, foliage specialist (the trees still have no colisions btw), level design, 3D art and animation

- Andrej "The ShaderMan" Petrov - 3D art and animation, texturing, level design, shader design in UE4, pipeline integration and a pain in the ass when tired

Special thanks to Milan for the quick sound design (he did it in like 4 min)

Game Stills: