Frozen Hearts

One snowy day, two buddies, a priest and a doctor, decided to resolve the ongoing conflict between science and religion. They went to the cementary and, by the use of ancient ritual, brought dead bodies back to life. The priest wants to redeem their souls, by giving them the appropriette sign of faith, so they can live a happy life in heaven. The doctor, on the other hand, wants to bring these bodies back to life, so they can walk on earth in happieness once again. Whoever gets more zombies saved - wins the dispute. Every zombie is missing two things - faith and body part. Throw an appropriate faith symbol or organ, to get the point for saving the zombie. If by any chance zombies bite you, you will lose one of your physical or gain one of zombie spiritual attributes. If that happens, only your buddy can save you. This heroic action will get them 3 points. If you lose or gain 3 different attributes - you die, and the game ends. Watch out not to miss any zombie, as when the limit of the unsaved bodies is reached, your mission will also end.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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