Fountain of Youth

The evolution of Men kind was so miraculous that even the ancient gods didn't expect. Men's reach went far beyond flying... Men are seeking immortality. Persuaded by the fear that Men, in their quest for immortality may breach the laws of nature Thanatos (God of death) created a ritual, when fulfilled, grants Men another life , but to reach this fountain a mortal should achieve some goals and pass some problems or fears that faces him at all the parts of his live like (Fear of darkness when he's young, Sacrificing his life for a friend...) In this game a mortal is facing a number of stages collecting one item from every one trying to reach the fountain of youth. Those stages are : Stage 1 - When mortal is young he gets afraid of darkness especially without his mother, but he try and try to reach the door without walking in the dark using a source of light (lamp, a candle,...) HINT : My favorite game makes me feel confident and brave, it's like a source of light Stage 2 - Love is an important aspect of life that every individual can experience it, but reaching the heart of his beloved one is a long and hard way to walk through that's why a mortal should be wise to reach the happiness of being with the love of his life, being wise mean sometimes not to face the problem directly and get some help from others (friend, family, police, FBI,..) HINTS : Having knowledge in traffic laws (Lights, priority, panels,...) is sometimes important even without a driving license Presents are so important in relationships Stage 3 - Friends are cool but why having them if we don't need them and vise versa, a mortal should always give a hand to his friends especially in their toughest periods like (facing money trouble, jail,...). HINTS : Your buddy in army is in the jail in the enemy country.
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