Evil Bunny God

The Evil Bunny God has awakened. Thou shall be warned, all innocent bystanding bunnies will be turned through dark rituals. You are the evil god of bunnies. Work your magic and let them do evil bunny things (including burning innocent villagers and making new evil bunnies).
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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You are playing the Evil Bunny God. To direct your evil bunnies, click on a spot and they will follow your lead. scroll the map with the keyboard (WASD for move, QE for zoom). The goal is to destroy all houses. direct your evil bunnies around obstacles and draw the attack rune with the mouse when they reach the house (it's shown when the house is reached, draw in the center from top to bottom). Use the field to "make more bunnies", using just another rune.

  • Pius Pfister [Artwork & Visual Design]
  • Lorenz Schmoliner [Programming]
  • Veit Frick [Programming & Production]
  • Christopher Gallé [Programming]
  • Christian Zellot [Programming]
  • Mario Zechner [Programming]
  • Mathias Lux [Sound, lil‘ bit of Programming]
  • Gabe Napetschnig [Intro comic]

IDEA and GAMEDESIGN all of them!

SPECIAL THANKS to the Graz GGJ 2016 team!

EvilBunnyGod was developed during the GlobalGamejam 2016, Graz, AT

A big THANK YOU to all who have contributed to the game - in whatever way #ggjg #ggj16

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