Drug Cop

Drug Cop is an arcade running game. Set in 1982 Miami, where the biggest drug innovation that the world have ever seen are taking place. You are an everyday hero, with a great sense of responsibility and justice. You are a cop who single-handedly want to rid the world of drugs... By consuming them yourself! Run through the streets and collect drugs, keep your mind and high in check and try to act normal. Keep yourself alive for long as possible. Remember you are THE cop, you are DRUG COP!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Made with Unity as the Game engine. 3D Models, and animations made in Maya, 3Ds Max and X-Normals. 2D Gui, sprites, consept art and animations made in Unity and Photoshop. You can play this game with both the keyboard and mouse or a joystick controller! ( As the xbox360 controller ).
Installation Instructions: 

To play the game, download the executable, unzip the file in place on your computer of your choosing, then run the EXE called "Drug Cop v1.2"
Just make sure that the folder that came with the EXE is in the same location as the EXE.

Instructions and contols:

You can use both the keyboard/mouse and a joypad controller to play the game!

Just remember to set the right controll setting in the menu before you start the game!

On the menu you navigate using the left stick, and you use the (A) button to accept.

The game is about surviving, keep your "high" in check by taking drugs. if your "Feel good meter" runs out you will lose HP. If your HP reaches zero its Game Over. Also if you take to much drugs at the same time you suffer an "Overdose" and you lose Health too. its all about balance!

Controling the Character:

With Controller:

When you control the character you use the left stick to move around and the right stick to look around.
You can use the (A) button or the (Y) button to jump, and if you hold down the (left trigger) you sprint.

With Keyboard and Mouse:

[W].[A].[S].[D] To move your character, and use the mouse to look around. [Space] to jump and [LShift] "Left shift" ^ to sprint


Watch out, when you sprint you use up stamina, if you deplete you stamina you get fetigued, and move slowly for a time while you recover.

When you meet a fellow cop, you get an button promp that makes you greet him, if you use to long time greeting him or if you press the wrong button you'll give him another kind of gesture and he will chase you. if a cop cathes you its instantly gameover!

There are some hidden places and stuff in the game that you can try to find, You get a score based on how many drug you have taken and how loong you have stayed alive. if you beat a highscore when you die you can write down your name before pressing (START) or [ENTER] to continue and try again!
Compete with your friends and try to get the biggest highscore!


Daniel Johansen - Programmer , Lead Game Designer;
Erik Langset Nordvol - 3D Artist, 3D Animations, AudioEngineer;
Ove Andreas Olsen - Main 3D Modeler, 3D Animations;
Jesper Axelson - Concept artist, Lead UI Designer.

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