Survival Horror Zerkth planet, a planet far away from Earth, but with similar caracteristics and now ruled by demons... It was the price that humans in that planet had to paid for their stupid and evil actions, often doing individual forbidden summoner rituals for own benefit, now demons have taken the control of the planet, they rule it, and humans are doomed to serve them... To survive, humans must make an offering each day to satisfy them, a ritual blood offering... otherwise their destiny will be doomed to serve them being turned in a dark creature without soul... Only the last survivor will can obtain the freedom of the curse... it is the demon's game... and these are their rules ... ... Thousands of years have been passed in Zerkth, humanity is almost extinct... now the last survivor has the chance to end the curse making the final ritual closing twin portals, the escence portal and the wisdom one.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)