Dead Zios

DEAD ZIOS It has become impossible to live on Earth because of the proliferation of disasters and falling meteorites and the emergence of epidemics. scientists have taken refuge for over two decades in preparation for an initial missions to the planet have discovered from a period not by a large time and is A planet similar to Earth's climate and is characterized by a few attractive and density of its atmosphere and this has led to the impossibility of appreciation of life On it , it's called (Zeus) or (Zeus). The mission took 25 years to reach the planet and after conducting tests of the space mission landed on the planet's surface . and starts there experimentation to make sure that there is life or not, and of the appropriateness of this planet for humans. After six months and sent to earth of each other states: (From Alpha to earth. We have made sure the relevance of this planet for life , we will begin our preparations for access and construction. Waiting for your arrival to the new planet Zios). immediately the authorities moved to evacuate earth and moved spaceships for the evacuation of the population from the ground to the Massive colonies that have been built near the Earth's orbit and these colonies will live by humans for 25 years until reach to new planet. During in the waiting period for access has obtained significant changes in the colonies on planet Zeus has mutated type of Viruses coming from the ground with the mission due to differences in environment and the gravity and assistance to the factors deadly virus turns humans To ZOMBIE And over 25 years it has gained Mnaat and the virus mutates into a strong and many formats. We have evacuation section of the land to 3 flights to a preliminary to the scientists and the second of animals and birds to humans and third. Between each mission and the other three years. The first flight of the scientists on the planet who became infested planet deadly virus landed and turned into a trap mission scientists ZOMBIE. And as well as the second flight of the animals and the birds turned into deadly types of ZOMBIE. And this has become a planet billion neighborhoods and types and several forms of ZOMBIE. Finally, the third trip landed a sharp fall on the planet and destroyed the huge ship on the planet. After discovering what happened. It was necessary to preserve the human race in any way possible
Jam year: 
Twitch Plays (sponsored)
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
LibGDX, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
blender , cinema 4D and maya The game works on Mac , Linux and Windows but i couldn't upload all the three platfrms because of the game space restrections
Installation Instructions: 

Open the file called "dead zios"

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