Year 4078, an ultra advanced rogue AI crashes with its satellite upon an unexplored planet populated only by primitive tribes. Since that day, the tribes of that planet challenge each others in a bloody ritual where only the strongest will be able to gain the good will of the AI and prove to be the chosen ones. # TLDR: ignorant tribes that kill each other thinking that the AI is some sort of divinity. # Cyberserkers is a local multiplayer game for up to 4 players where you have to perform an ancient ritual by stunning and throwing your enemies into the Furnace. # IMPORTANT - The game works better with GamePads! (Xbox 360 Controllers are the only tested) - After each player has pressed A to spawn, the game is started by pressing ENTER on the keyboard. # CONTROL KEYBOARD: # Player 1# Press UP to join game. # LEFT UP RIGHT - Movement # K- Melee Attack # L - Throw (you can throw the Club or an enemy body) # Player 2 # Press W to join game. # W A D - Movement # F- Melee Attack # G - Throw (you can throw the Club or an enemy body) # Press ENTER after JOIN to PLAY! # CONTROLS FOR CONTROLLER (XBOX 360): # Player 1-2-3-4 # Press A to join game. # (X) Melee Attack # (A) Jump # (B) Throw (you can throw the Club or an enemy body) # Left Stick - Movement # There are plenty of bugs right now, but we are very happy of the result and ready for some rest. Enjoy!
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)


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