Cult Crawl

Cultists of different dark deities enter a dungeon together. It's a race to work together gathering magical regiments from ancient beasts and mystical creatures to complete their deity's religion first. It's a race of evil rituals, and only one God can reign supreme. The other Gods, and their followers, will find themselves part of the sacrifice.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Unfortunately, the game was not anywhere close to finished, but considering that I worked as a one-man team, with a lot of concepts being brand new, I'm pleased with the results.
Installation Instructions: 

Run executeable. Refer to README for play instructions:

1. Plug in up to 4 Xbox controllers
2. Press A to join with a controller
3. Enter one of the four on-screen codes (reading top to bottom) to select a deity
4. Once all have made a selection, press Start to begin

In game:
Move with left stick
Charge attack/shield with A
Pick up item with right trigger
Move between items with right and left bumpers
Drop item with left trigger
Avoid the dangerous monster in the room (white cube thing)


Nic Brosz - Everything except for:

Nolan Hanson - Sound

Game Stills: